I try to make my setup suit whatever situation I am playing in. Below are a few regular setups that I play with for particular gigs.

Main Setup

Drum Workshop 20x18 Bass Drum

Drum Workshop 10x8 Hi Tom

Drum Workshop 12x8 Low Tom

Drum Workshop 14x12 Floor Drum

Drum Workshop 15x13 Floor Drum

Noble and Cooley 14x7 Snare Drum 

Zildjian 22" K Light Ride

Zildjian 17" K Custom Hybrid Crash

Zildjian 17" A Custom Projection Crash

Paiste 14" 602 Modern Essentials

Zildjian 8" A Custom Splash

Remo (Clear/Coated) Ambassadors/Emperors Batter Side

Remo (Clear) Ambassadors Resonant Side

Jazz Setup

Drum Workshop 18x14 Bass Drum

Drum Workshop 12x8 Tom

Drum Workshop14x12 Floor Drum

Ludwig 14x6.5 Black Beauty Snare Drum

Zildjian 21" K Custom Special Dry Ride 

Zildjian 20" K Constantinople Light Ride

Zildian 14" A New Beat Hi Hats

Remo Fiberskyn FD3 Diplomat Batter Side

Remo Clear Ambassadors Resonant Side